About Kori

Founded in 2012 by designer Kori Mirsberger, IROK Designs is based in the heart of Austin, Texas. Originally from Maryland, Kori began her artistry in sculpting and photography. She continued to pursue her love of art at Boston University, where she graduated with a degree in Communications and Advertising.

After finding her niche in marketing in the music industry, Kori moved to Austin, where her life took an unexpected turn. She was offered the challenge of designing extravagant wedding cakes at a local bakery, which proved to be an exciting creative position. That same year she founded IROK Designs.

Continuing her career in the brand and marketing industry, Kori became the digital marketing manager for South by Southwest. After several years of conquering the music and event planning world, she took on a new challenge by accepting a position on the digital marketing team at the world’s healthiest grocery store.

In her spare time, she LOVES to craft, cook, travel, and take on pro bono work. And in 2017, Kori learned to screen print and can now turn her designs into wearable art (Bergerdog Printing).

IROK Designs only takes on a few clients each year in order to make sure each project has our full time and attention. Contact Kori today for a quote.